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About us

Inspired by nature.

Earth Elements originated from the idea that we can do better. Better for our planet, better for ourselves and better for the future.

Earth Elements shampoo bars and soap bars are made with love, right here in the Netherlands. The idea of making shampoo and soap in solid form started about 10 years ago with the founder of Earth Elements, Chi Chi Schaul.


She was tired of the endless pile of plastic bottles and wanted to use products with natural ingredients. When she couldn't find this in the store, she decided to make the bars herself. Eventually this grew organically into a company.

Today she is still the one who makes the vegan shampoo bars and soap bars here, in small batches, from natural ingredients. She keeps the list of ingredients as small as possible and keeps out unnecessary chemical substances.

Her shampoo bars and soap bars are vegan, which means that the bars contain no ingredients from animals. The shampoo bars and soap bars are natural, which means that we use natural clays for color and essential oils for scent.

The bars are made, cut and packaged by hand in small batches. The packaging and labels are made from recycled cardboard and paper. And this is all happening, right here in the Netherlands!

Mist en natuur


Earth Elements was founded by Chi Chi Schaul. Years ago she visited a festival in Croatia. The water used for the showers was coming from and going back to the river. For that reason, the festival organisation asked its guests to use natural soap and shampoo. This experience made her wonder why she would use natural soap here at the festival, but not at home. Because of this insight, she went home looking for a plastic-free and natural alternative to shower gel and shampoo. When she couldn't find it, she decided to make it herself.

After years of learning and testing, she had found the right recipe for her soap and shampoo. Friends and family responded enthusiastically and when strangers started to ask about her soap, she knew it was time to grew this hobby into something bigger.

Now the soap and shampoo bars of Earth Elements are EU certified and we sell to various stores and web shops throughout Europe. Our bars are made without unnecessary chemicals or animal products.  We use natural ingredients such as vegetable and essential oils, herbs, clays and powders.

We try to keep our company's carbon footprint as small as possible and we don't pack anything in plastic. For Chi Chi, the biggest shock came when she was surfing in Sri Lanka. As she stepped into the ocean, she felt plastic bags wrap around her legs. She surfed in trash. She knew this has to stop. We must stop. And the only way to reduce the amount of plastic in the world is to change our habits.

We therefore invite you to shower naturally, vegan and plastic-free with our products. Better for you, the earth and the future.


We produce ethically fair products with good ingredients  and ensure the smallest possible carbon footprint for both our company and the user of our products. We don't use unnecessary chemical ingredients and use high-quality natural and vegan ingredients instead.


We strive for our products to become the new norm rather than the exception and invite everyone to shower plastic-free, natural and vegan. Better for you, the earth and the future.

wet leaves


Locally produced

Fairly made in the Netherlands in our own studio

Vegan & Cruelty free

All our ingredients are vegan and nothing is tested on animals.

Natural ingredients

We use high quality natural ingredients

Carbon Conscious

We keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

eco friendly

Inspired for and by the Earth

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