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Do you want to use our soaps for your own soap line? Which can! We offer the possibility to purchase our soaps per batch without packaging so that you can offer them to your customers under your own brand.

You then purchase the soaps per type and per batch, which means that you receive 150 bars of soap of the same type. These will then be delivered without packaging. Your packaging does require a number of mandatory statements that you will receive from us by email.

The prices are as followed:
Bar each: 3.35 ex VAT

VAT: 0.70
Including VAT: 4.05


Batch 150 pieces: 502.50
VAT: 105.52

Including VAT: 608.03

The prices are shown in the webshop including VAT. You will of course receive an invoice so that you can reclaim the VAT. The delivery time per order is 4 to 5 weeks, as the soaps have to dry for several weeks before they are ready for sale.


For questions, send an email to

White Label Soap Bars Wholesale NL

Delivery time 5 weeks after order

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