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  • Are your bars vegan?
    Yes, our bars are vegan and contain no animal ingredients. We only use vegetable oils, essential oils, clays, herbs and powders in our bars.
  • Are you bars natural?
    Yes! We use essential oils instead of perfume and natural dyes in our bars such as herbs, clays and powders. To create the soap fabric, sodium hydroxide was used during the making process, but by correct calculations, nothing of this remains in the bars. This is EU tested and certified in a lab.
  • Do your bars contain silicones, parabens, SLS or SLSA?"
    No, our bars are made with natural ingredients. We exclude unnecessary chemical ingredients such as hardeners or extra foamers from our bars. As a result, our recipe is good for your body and our carbon footprint remains the smallest.
  • What is your packaging made of?
    Our soap boxes are made of kraft cardboard, which is recycled. Our white labels are also printed on recycled paper. We also use this paper for our folders, flyers and brochures.
  • Can I return my order?
    Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take back cosmetic products such as soap and shampoo. If you are not satisfied with, for example, your shampoo bar, you can use it as a body bar in the shower or at the sink!
  • Are your bars hypo allergenic?
    No, our shampoo bars contain argan oil, which is a nut and can therefore be harmful for people with a nut allergy. Our bars are all produced in the same room. Traces of the argan nut can therefore also be found in our other bars. Always check the INCI list with each product. Not sure if you can stand our bars? Always try the bar around your arm first. If you become irritated, stop using our bars immediately.
  • Where are your bars produced?
    Our bars are produced and packaged entirely here in the Netherlands. In small quantities and by hand! A real Dutch handmade product. This way we keep the carbon footprint of our company as small as possible.
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